Dr Justin Carter

Preparing for an EASA (European) Cabin Crew Medical:

If you (or your employer) requires an EASA Cabin Crew Medical (rather than a UK CAA cabin crew medical certificate) please follow the steps below. Ryanair, Air Lingus and some of the BizJet companies require their crews to have an EASA medical certificate so if your due to work for such a company, an EASA Cabin crew medical certificate will be what you need. I recommend you check what you need with your prospective employer.

  1. Bring your passport.
  2. Follow the following link to the application form, print it, fill it in and bring it with you: EASA Cabin crew certificate application form.
  3. To book a medical, please see this website: Card payment details are needed to secure the booking, but no payment will be taken at the time of booking. Payment for the medical is taken at the time of the medical itself. If you make a late cancellation (within 24hrs of the appointment) or fail to attend the appointment, a late cancellation failure to attend fee of £50 will be charged.
  4. If you would like a chaperone to be present during the medical, either bring someone with you or let me know beforehand if you’d like me to make arrangements for one.
  5. Those of you who have an upcoming job with Ryanair (who need an EASA medical) are often under a lot of pressure from Ryanair to have this medical completed by the beginning of your training course. I want to reassure you that you DO NOT need to have the medical by the beginning of the course. Any time in the first three weeks of the course is fine (usually before the emergencies training part of the course).
  6. The EASA Cabin crew medical costs £140. The EASA mandated audiogram costs £30 so altogether £170 (payable at the medical) assuming the candidate is less than 40 yrs old. 40 years old and over means an ECG is also needed (which is an extra £30).
  • So please bring your passport, completed application form and payment to the medical.