Dr Justin Carter

How to book a medical:

I have subscribed to an online booking platform. You can see availability and book a medical at this link
ard payment details are needed to secure the booking but no payment will be taken at the time of the booking. Payment for the medical will be taken at the medical itself (unless you work for a company with which I have a direct billing arrangement eg Teesside International Airport or Draken). According to the terms and conditions (which you will need to accept to make a booking) if you make a late cancellation (within 24hrs of the appointment) or fail to attend, a late cancellation or 'no-show' when a £50 fee will be charged to the payment card.

If youre having problems, email me at this address:
Sometimes this webservice is inundated with spam and doesn’t forward correctly -so if you hear nothing from me try this email address...


What to expect when you email me:

Once you have sent me an email - expect me to reply within a few days. I will get back to you by email - I process the emails in the order they are received. There shouldn’t be a need to ring unless something urgent has cropped up and you need a quick response.

When to text or phone me:

Please don’t ring me to arrange an appointment. Use the booking service referred to above. If you are a Class 1 or 3 holder and can find no appointments to suit you operationally, send me an email and Ill look for alternative dates (outwith the booking system) to keep you flying / controlling.

Do ring me if you have an urgent medical issue that might affect your aviation activities. The number is particularly for the use of professional pilots and air traffic controllers who have urgent aero-medical issues that affect their ability to work.

The number to reach me on is:


Use this means of contact if the situation is urgent, otherwise an email will do the trick. Please don't ring or text me to book a medical, email is the preferred contact method.