Aviation Medical Examiner

Dr Justin Carter


  • Each medical consists of:
  • The applicant completing an application form and bringing it 
  • to the medical (link to form below).
  • Time spent discussing any symptoms or relevant history.
  • A physical examination.
  • Any tests (eg an ECG or an audiogram) IF mandated.
  • Issue of the medical certificate (assuming you’re fit!).

The examination will usually take about forty minutes and the medical certificate will usually be issued to you at the time of the examination.

Please remember you will need to wear a face covering whilst inside the hospital. Im happy to supply you with a mask when we meet but you'll need some covering to reach the Cardiology Day Unit from the entrance.

Please use this checklist to prepare for the medical:

  1. Bring your passport or other photo ID.
  2. Bring a completed Airside Driver Application Form.
  3. Bring any previous certificate if you have had one.
  4. If you have glasses, bring them (even if you wear contact lenses - we’ll check your eyes with and without glasses).
  5. If you would like a chaperone to be present during the medical, either bring someone with you or let me know beforehand if you’d like me to make arrangements for one.
  6. Where to come? Check the LOCATION page of this site.
  7. Bring some means of paying (see ‘fees and paying’ page). If you are a DTVA employee or Swissport employee you will not need to pay at the medical (I have an arrangement for invoicing the Airport and Swissport). Do please check with you line manger that your employer will honour the fee. Some require a Purchase Order - in which case you'll need to bring one. Applicants not employed by DTVA or Swissport will need to pay for the medical at the medical appointment (receipts will be given) and claim the fee back from your employer if appropriate.