Aviation Medical Examiner

Dr Justin Carter


Each medical consists of
  •     You preparing for the medical by checking requirements
  •     Completing an application form (before arrival)
  •     Time spent discussing any symptoms or relevant history
  •     A physical examination
  •     Any tests (eg an ECG) IF mandated by the CAA
  •     Entry of all relevant data onto your centrally held record
  •     Issue of the medical certificate (assuming you’re fit!)
  •     The usual validity of a cabin crew medical is 5 years.

The examination will usually take about an hour and the medical certificate will usually be issued at the time of the examination.

There are requirements particular to cabin crew medicals so please spend time preparing for your medical to minimise problems on the day.
A summary of requirements for cabin crew medicals are here.

I suggest you use this checklist to prepare for the medical:

  1. Bring your passport.
  2. If this is your first cabin crew medical, bring a completed copy of this form. If you’ve had a cabin crew medical certificate before, complete and bring this form. In either case, don’t sign the form until the medical.
  3. Bring any current or expired medical certificate.
  4. If you have glasses, bring them (even if you wear contact lenses - we’ll check your eyes with and without glasses).
  5. If you have any medical conditions or are on any medication (particularly new diagnoses or treatments) email me beforehand with details. I want to help you prepare for the medical to minimise problems on the day. The CAA produces flow charts for many conditions and these are widely available on the CAA website.
  6. If you would like a chaperone to be present during the medical, either bring someone with you or let me know beforehand if you’d like me to make arrangements for one.
  7. Bring some means of paying (see fees and paying pages)