Dr Justin Carter

Pilots and ATCOs needing an Aviation Cardiology Specialist

I wear several ‘hats’ for pilots:


For most of the pilots I see, I’m acting as their AME. I’m assessing their fitness to fly and issuing a medical certificate based on that. I’m not acting as a medical specialist for such pilots. I can act as an AME for Class 1, 2, 3, LAPL and Cabin Crew certificate holders.

Consultant Cardiologist:

Some Pilots (with a possible cardiac problem) are referred to me in my capacity as a Consultant Cardiologist by other AMEs. I am able to assess cardiac conditions / implications of fitness to fly for all pilots (Class I, Class II, ATCOs, LAPL, FAA medical holders etc) and issue a report to the AME and CAA/FAA. I won’t be acting as the AME (or trying to become the AME!) in such cases. The setup and fee structure for this specialty work are different to routine AME work (described elsewhere on this website). If you’ve been referred to me, or have been told by your AME that you need to see a cardiologist, do please make contact with me via the ‘How to book a medical’ page and well take it from there.

ECG over-reading service for other AMEs:

Until recently, ECGs with abnormalities recorded at an aviation medical would be ‘over-read’ by one of the CAA cardiologists. The process for reporting these ECGs has now been devolved (for all classes of medical). I am familiar with the CAA requirements for ECG over-reading (as well as the structure within which AMEs must work) and I provide a rapid and cost effective ECG reporting service to AMEs. AMEs are welcome to simply email me a copy of the abnormal ECG (according to the guidance laid out by the  CAA in this document) and, within 48 working hours, I’ll report the ECG (to CAA standards using the requisite reporting form) and email the report back to you the AME.