Dr Justin Carter BSc MBChB MRCP

Aeromedical Examiner    www.pilotmedical.co.uk



email: info@pilotmedical.co.uk

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I am an aeromedical examiner (AME), authorised by the UK CAA to issue UK CAA/EASA Class 1, 2, 3 and LAPL medical certificates.

I can perform your medical at North Tees Hospital, Stockton on Tees.

I’ve been a PPL holder for 14 years and have an elderly but beautiful 1967 Mooney based at Durham Tees Valley Airport. Before that (and with much help!) I completed the build on (and flew) a Europa from Fishburn Airfield.

I’ve had so much pleasure over the years from flying, that I’ve decided to ‘give something back’ by marrying together two of my passions (aviation and medicine) by knuckling down and getting the ‘tickets’ needed to issue medical certificates for local pilots.

As a pilot myself, I know what you’re going through at medical time. I’m balanced and easy going. I won’t find problems where none exist. I want to keep you flying / controlling safely.