Dr Justin Carter BSc MBChB MRCP

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It really is easy.

All medical details relevant to your pilots medical certificate are held on a secure CAA database. This includes the information you provided at previous medicals to any AME anywhere in the country.

The system is designed to operate seamlessly and you could change your AME every medical if you chose to do so. With all your relevant details available to any new AME via this system, changing AME is much easier than changing your aircraft engineer!! If your circumstances change, moving on (or back to your old AME) requires no effort on your part.

Before your medical is due, get in touch, make an appointment and follow the instructions on the page about preparing for a medical relevant to you. At your first medical with me, you’ll sign a form to say you’re happy for me to access your details on the CAA’s AME Online system and we’ll continue from there.

changing ame is easy


email: info@pilotmedical.co.uk

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